In 1999, Born For Bliss finished the final recordings for their second album “Between Living and Dreaming”, mixed at the famous Impulse Tonstudio in Hamburg by J. P. Genkel, known for his work with ‘Lacrimosa’ and ‘Cradle of Filth’. Unfortunately, not long after the final recordings of “Between Living and Dreaming”, the band disintegrated due to problems with their management and record label and the album was never released.

Years later, German label Echozone offered Frank to do a release of this long forgotten album. In 2010 the album finally saw the light of day and the rebirth of Born For Bliss was a fact. In 2013 the band officially got back together again and subsequently released their follow up EP ‘Innocent’.

Label: Echozone / Turmoil Music
Released: May 07 – 2010