Kikai is Marius C. Hammerich’s musical project that seems strongly inspired by the Teutonic tempos of Software and the intergalactic atmospheres of Jean Michel Jarre. And Kikai is not exactly a new player in the chessboard of modern EM. It’s since 1997 that Marius C. Hammerich composes an EM which serves the cause of humanitarian works. Distributed by the independent label Kikai Kikagu, his music is also available on several download platforms and the profits go to various charitable works and now two of his latest albums are also available as re-releases on Turmoil Music.

Kikai’s music has memorable melodies, haunting harmonies, perfect production and an ambience that conquers your body and soul. Kikai excels at the art to surround their compositions of a sound fauna that makes ears open wide. It’s beautiful and catchy. So if you want to have your mind blown away simply listen to some of Kikai’s works.

Marius C. Hammerich does artists-coaching, song production and mastering for “peace-partners” and other social projects.

Kikai is always interested in collaborating with artists/bands.