Grauglanz (which roughly translates to Grey Finish or Grey Gloss) is a project hailing from Essen, NRW Germany. Ralf, the man behind this project, first fell in love with Klaus Schulze’s Black Dance album and started listening to other similar minded bands like Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Kraftwerk, and Kitaro. Fans of Berlin School should have no trouble enjoying Grauglanz’s fantastic Neo-Berlin School Projects. Now his latest album, “saudade“, is also available on Turmoil Music.


„Übergänge“ (2012)
„To pinpoint where Grauglanz’s “Übergänge ” (Transitions), 2012, stands in this prog/electronic universe, sonic wise, Mark Shreeve’s Assassin, 1983, will be the perfect reference or as his bio describes it as Neo-Berlin School music, of which Shreeve became a pioneer, the same as Ian Boddy which also can be referred.

Elegantly constructed, its mysterious solitary melody lines move along “clean-electronic urban environments” without noise or industrial analogies. Opposite to that, shimmering and bright night textures are abundant, as the up-front electric piano and synth, more than once catchy, but intelligent riffs.“

„Its “modern” electronics as its intelligent songwriting, give enough self-created music credentials and sets this release not as a mere repetition of past formulas but instead offers a newflanged approach to this styling.“

„Sober, hypnotic, attractive and rich in creative ideas, its only flaw is track 4,”Sieben (Flaschen Bier)”, which I suppose was meant to be whimsical or funny, but turns out to be quiet expendable. Besides that, this parade of electronic transitions and environments is flawless.“