Out now! Grauglanz – ‘at the end of all paths’

‘at the end of all paths’ a new release by Grauglanz on Turmoil Music!

Influenced by Berlin School and other early electronic and progressive music, Grauglanz started making music more than 30 years ago, but first released an album in 2012.

His new album ‘at the end of all paths’ is inspired by the general feeling, that every bad news is only the precursor for much worse events to come.

But according to Grauglanz, that´s just the way of life. “Everything must end, our personal time, our being as mankind… and one day our lovely earth will die too. Our life, our civilization, all of this is really just a short moment in eternity. So in all honesty, what is really important? We all have only this day to share…”

So simply smell the wind, feel the sun and enjoy. One morning it will all be over. Either way…

In spite of all gloomy tunes, ‘at the end of all paths’ does not want to be a typical dark album about the last days of doom. Although the theme includes that the end of things could be near, the true perspective is change, growth, and evolution…

Release date: April 11 – 2017