Remco Helbers – On Some Road – Rerelease

We announce the re-release of Remco Helbers’ amazing album “On Some Road”! The music was inspired by paintings of London-based abstract painter John Kimber. Remco met John on a Guitar Craft Course led by Robert Fripp in 1998. When John organised his first exhibition at Lauderdale House in London this music was used on the opening night. The seven paintings that inspired the compositions are printed in the CD-booklet. The liner notes on the sleeve were written by another Guitar Craft-participant Sid Smith. Sid is the author of the King Crimson-biography “In the Court of King Crimson”. The soundscapes were recorded with use of a Chapman Grand Stick, a 12-string instrument on which notes are tapped, rather than plucked. With the aid of a digital looping device seven improvisations were recorded to harddisk. Fragments were taken from these recordings and used as “buildingblocks” in a sampler, where they were further reworked and enhanced.